A Shopping List for Healthcare Regulator?

Are Health Care Inspectorates ready for the future ?

Challenges for healthcare a huge, that’s no news anymore. Besides financial mismatches also the doubling of healthcare demand and the shortage of skilled personnel (for instance in the Netherlands 400.000 by 2040) will drive healthcare systems to “reinvent themselves”.

Moreover, there are two developments “at the gate” waiting to disrupt many of the current care models: the assertive patient and exponential technology. The impact of new communication paradigms, such as social media and transparency of performance is just as underrated as the role of e-health is overrated. “We should think big, act small, dare to fail, stop talking …and start acting NOW”.

Often we grab “innovation” as the BIG solution for everything, while on the other hand having a good look into existing procedures or systems could bring great benefit and improvement. That (at least in my opinion) starts with really listen to what’s needed. Stop assuming, quit thinking that you “know” what patients need, or from a industry perspective what healthcare-professionals need. Start asking!

But what about the regulatory like the Health Care Inspectorate ? How should they prepare for an ever changing world where technology is exponential growing and changing the arena. In the ‘old’ days big companies started years long innovation processes before the came with a medical device to the market. New device hit the market every other day, that will change healthcare fast. The role of internet, while it is becoming abundant creates new boundaries. But does all of this really matter ? Does it actually change the way how inspectorates should act. For one regulations of apps should have some regulations like CE in Europe, in the Netherlands, whether or not in the sphere of medical devices.

This Thursday i get to address the National Patients Safety Conference of the Dutch Health Care Inspectorate.

What would you advice me to share with them as their ‘shopping list’ for the future to act on over the next -say- 5 years on these 3 topics :

Patient engagement
Exponential growing technology
Social media

(would be great if you could prefix your comments with 1,2 or 3)

Above is a great video about empathy made by our friends of the Cleveland Clinic that might help to provoke your thoughts from a different perspective

Full Article: http://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20130618185714-19886490-a-shoppinglist-for-health-care-inspectorates


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