Back to School Tips

Kids with and without neurological conditions require a little rewiring after 3 months of fun in the summer sun. Help your child get the right-start this year with a few of these Back-To-School tips. These are especially helpful for children with attention disorders or those who just can’t shake the September-blues.

1.       Re-Establish School Routines

Starting eating breakfast, lunch and snacks around the times your child will eat when school is in session.  Also have your child practice getting up and getting dressed at the same time every morning.

2.       Set Up a Few Goals for the Year Before School Starts

Setting goals for the school years gives clear expectations that can lead to a successful academic year. Goals could revolve around completing assignments, turning them in on time, not losing or forgetting any assignments, getting ready for school on time, good behavior reports at school and getting to bed on time.

3.       Take off the “Kid” Gloves

When your child is at school they will have to manage themselves. Try to talk to your child ahead of time about responsibilities they are old enough to handle.  This may include organizing their school materials, writing down assignments or bringing their homework home.

4.       Create a Launch Pad

Designate an area where school things always go to avoid last minute chaos in the morning.

 5.       Set Up a Time and Place for Homework

Make homework part of your child’s everyday routine. Establish a time and place for studying at home.  Also plan to make yourself available during homework time, especially with younger kids.

 6.       After School Plans

School gets out before most working parent get home so it’s important to figure out where your child will or with who in the afternoons.

 7.       Attend Beginning of the Year Orientations

Before the academic year beings schools usually hold and informational orientation.  This is a great opportunity to meeting your child’s teachers, school counselors, principle and front office staff.

 8.       Talk to the Teachers

Ask teachers about their homework approach and ask for dates of tests and large assignments so you can help plan ahead.


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