This month’s Angels provider interviewee is Yale University graduate and former Fall River Massachusetts resident, Dr. Andrew Wilner.

Dr. Wilner, who has been with Angels Neurological Centers, P.C. for just a little over a year, is our acclaimed Epilepsy specialist. Dr. Wilner has a whole side to him that not many people are aware of. He is an experienced Medical Journalist with a lifelong interest in writing fiction and nonfiction, and he writes for many medical and other publications. Dr. Wilner has received many awards for his publications that range from studies of the brain to bladder stones. In 2008, he was awarded the American Academy of Neurology’s Journalism Fellowship for Excellence in Medical & Health Reporting. Shortly after, he received the American Academy of Neurology’s Creative Expression of Human Values Award in 2001.

Dr. Wilner is also the author of two books on Epilepsy; Epilepsy: 199 Answers, 3rd Edition, and Epilepsy in Clinical Practice. Dr. Wilner’s most recent book, Bullets and Brains, is a composition of over 100 essays about people and their brains. Two of his regular columns, “Wilner on Neurology” and “Epilepsy Notes” can be found on the well-known medical information website,

In addition to being a medical journalist, Dr. Wilner is a Neuro-hospitalist. He is also medical director of Lingkod Timog, a nonprofit medical mission organization that provides health care to indigenous people in the Philippines. Dr. Wilner travels to the Philippines every year with his team to provide health care in rural areas where many of his patients have never seen a licensed physician.

When Dr. Wilner is not putting time towards his medical volunteer efforts, he puts his focus on another one of his hobbies, scuba diving, photographing and videotaping beautiful underwater sea creatures. Mainly tropical of course! Being an underwater photographer and a certified PADI divermaster, he enjoys exploring the depths of the seas and swimming alongside its inhabitants. You should not be surprised that Dr. Wilner wants to share his underwater discoveries with the world; so he has his very own natural history site that features these underwater creatures from his various exotic around the world trips.

When asked why Dr. Wilner choose to study Neurology as opposed to another medical field, he said “the brain is the most fascinating part of the body.” We could not agree more!

Thank you Dr. Wilner for volunteering to be this month’s Angels provider’s interviewee. And of course for all that you do here at Angels Neurological, P.C.!

Such videos can be found on his YouTube page at, and he encourages you to follow him as he is always updating and adding new videos to his collection!

More information about his latest medical book at

Dr. Wilner talks about writing his third book, Bullets and Brains which covers topics from concussions, sports and head injuries and epilepsy.


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